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My name is Esau Garcia, I am 33 years old, I was born in Ingeniero Jacobacci, Rio Negro, in the Patagonian steppe, I lived until I was 19 years old in the town and then I moved to Cipolletti, where I studied Photography and also other disciplines related to art: drawing , piano, singing and drums. I currently live with my wife and daughter in Villa La Angostura.

I worked as a freelance photographer in Las Grutas and later in the Cerro Bayo ski center, I currently work as a hotel receptionist, dedicating as much of my time as possible to photography.

The pandemic was an ally for me because thanks to that I was able to study at the Diego Ortiz Mugica school where I am still currently. That changed my photography and me forever.

I made exhibitions together with other artists in public spaces in Villa La Angostura and in 2021 for the first time I exhibited in Buenos Aires together with photographers from Diego's school in the show "La Belleza de las Formas".

Outdoors, whether in the mountains, lakes, rivers or in the steppe, is where I most enjoy photographing and spending several hours contemplating nature.

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