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I am Lu Zirolli, Argentine and traveler with a restless soul. Photographer and singer.
I was born and live in the city of Buenos Aires but I always spent a lot of time in the countryside and traveling. I grew up in this space between two somewhat different worlds but with a deep love for both and fully enjoying each of them.
In my house art was not lived much, but there was always music and my grandmothers painted. One of them taught me from a very young age to look at and comment on her paintings, something that I still remember today when I look at my images.
I live with Poncho, a little long-haired dachshund with a lot of peace who came to me almost unintentionally and became my best companion.
I entered the world of photography from digital, but after two years the magic of analog began to call me. I didn't know what was waiting for me but I wanted to see the image appear in the “water”, like in the movies! I started studying at the De Diego Ortiz Mugica school and I was lucky to have teachers who transmitted their love for the darkroom to me and encouraged me to continue along this path of magic that fills my soul.
Today I work in tourism and thanks to my work (in addition to my restless soul and my suitcase always ready) I travel the world, which allows me to develop an emo photographic style that is street photography, in addition to tirelessly searching for beauty through everybody.
With few exceptions, I do analog photography, mostly with a Rolleiflex that I adore, that taught me how to look and that often tells me when to press its shutter.
Through my photography I seek to bring some beauty to this world, to transmit love, peace and stillness in a world that I understand to be complex and that often surrounds us and drags us in its sea of ​​endless events. Photography helps me in my own personal search, in this attempt to get a little closer every day to being a better version of myself.
Photography transports me, makes me stop, look, think and feel in front of the world. Only then can I capture and somehow freeze an ephemeral moment that at some later time will be exposed to the eyes of others and will live in my heart forever.

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