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Zona V at PINTA BAPHOTO 2023

This year, Pinta BAphoto returns to La Rural!

We will be sharing works by Diego Ortiz Mugica, Jandri, Saúl Zang, Lu Zirolli, and Santiago Olivera with those who visit us.

We look forward to seeing you at Stand #5, in the central aisle of the fair.

You can find more information about the artists and the complete catalog of exhibited works by clicking this button:

"Analogía del ser" opening
Lu zirolli's photographs

On Thursday, June 15th, we inaugurated "Analogía del ser" (Analogy of Being), an exhibition of photographs by Lu Zirolli. It showcases 35 fine art photographs with a strong emphasis on analog shots and prints.

In addition to being an amazing photographer, Lu also sings jazz, and these two passions harmonize spectacularly as you explore the exhibition with headphones, creating an immersive and intimate experience!

The opening was a celebration! It was a gathering to honor Lu's vision and her first experience of sharing it in a solo exhibition.

Thanks to everyone who joined us on Thursday to toast with Lu and to all those who always support Zona V's initiatives!

Special thanks to Xumek winery, Cabrales, D&R, El camino studio, and Escuela Ortiz Mugica for their support and presence!

A BIG THANK YOU to the photographers who are part of Zona V, as they are essential for this refuge and sanctuary for fine art photography to exist in Buenos Aires!

We invite you to visit "Analogía del ser" and stay tuned for the different events that will take place during the exhibition in the coming weeks!


On Tuesday, May 2, we inaugurated in Zona V "Millas", an exhibition by Saúl Zang that exhibits more than 40 fine art photographs of his authorship!

We received with immense joy the more than 100 people who came to make the first opening of the year in the gallery a GREAT PARTY!

First of all, we want to thank Saúl for being the foundation stone of Zona V, for the generosity of sharing his images and wisdom with all of us! For the enormous confidence and freedom with which we work together!

To Gilda, companion, accomplice and muse of the artist! To all his family who accompanies him lovingly!
To the friends, colleagues and photography lovers who came to celebrate the meeting that "Millas" proposes!

Thank you Bodega Xumek, El Camino, Cabrales, D&R and Escuela Diego Ortiz Mugica for accompanying Zona V in each exciting project that we propose!

Thanks always to the artists of Zona V: Diego, Jandri, Guille, Lu, Tato, Laura, Ale, Gustavo, Esau, Pablo, Santiago, Vicky, Flo, Marce and Mateo. You are Zone V!!!


More than 60 fine art prints at incredible prices!

Fine art photographs, 100% acid free framed, by: Diego Ortiz Mugica, Jandri, Guillermo Napoli,

Saúl Zang, Lu Zirolli, Francisco Kitzberger,

Laura Bezzato, Ale Clemente, Gustavo Dragonetti, Esau García,Pablo Miñarro, Santiago Olivera,

Vicky Saavedra, Flo Wertheimer, Marce Zagni

and Mateo Kitzberger. ​






We inaugurate "Sprout" full of emotion and joy!!!

Thank you @laurabezzatoph @_aleclementina @gustavodragonettiphotography @esau__garcia @fran_kitz_photography @sangrebienroja @santi.m.olivera @vickysaavedras @flowertheimerfoto @marcezagniph @lu.zirolli_photography and Mateo for sharing your views and filling Zone V with light and beauty!!!

Thank you @diegoortizmugica @jandri57 @gcnapo and @depurados for watering this and all the projects in the gallery!!!

Thank you @elcaminostudio for bringing home warmth to our space!
Thank you @bodegaxumek for being present at every toast!
Thank you @dyrservicios and @cansoninfinity for the human quality and the wonderful contribution always!

Thanks to those who are part of “Brotar” in different ways, some without knowing it, but all of them passionate and enterprising: @molinolamula for the beautiful plantable cards @hola.compostame for the container boxes for each invitation @impresioneslamorita for patiently capturing each idea and

@cardinal.espacios for their amazing (breathtaking little worlds!) terrariums.

Thank you @ninoetc and @facundogalliok for the music!

THANK YOU to the great teams at @escuela.dom and @zonav.point who make each project a party!!!


​Thursday was a night full of LIGHT in Zona V!

“Linaje” which exhibits works by Aldo Sessa, Diego Ortiz Mugica and Guillermo Napoli was visited by an exclusive group of 20 people!

Diego Ortiz Mugica spoke to us about light, we talked about its power to create illusion. The light: the magic of the photographer!!! And he, in confidence, told us the tricks!

We were lucky enough to share the night with Tomas Mugica who, as always, generously contributed his invaluable insight!

And, as if that were not enough, speaking of magic… @elmagoluisalvarez came to give us all his light and illusion! How much fun we had!

We closed the night with the delicacies of Siete Mares Sushi
and the magical concoctions of Bodegas Xumek

A real feast!!!

Thanks to El Camino Estudio and Arte Raku for always accompanying us with their passion and beauty!
Thank you DyR Services and Canson Infinity for always adding up!!!

Thanks to the teams of Escuela DOM and Zona V Point

And thank you very much to those who were present and were part of this exclusive event of our gallery!!!

Until next time!!!!


​On June 23 and 24 we inaugurate “Linaje” at Zona V Point!!!
With works by Aldo Sessa, Diego Ortiz Mugica and Guillermo Napoli

A tribute to the teachers of today and always who open paths passionately, with the humility and generosity of the great!

Thanks to everyone who worked to make this show possible and to everyone who joined us these two days of celebration!!!

"Linaje" can be visited Tuesday and Thursday from 3 to 8 pm or Wednesday from 10 to 3 pm. If possible, we ask you to please confirm the visit to us so we know who we will receive!

For other days and times we request to coordinate a visit especially.


As part of Jandri's "Quarantine Albano" exhibition, we enjoyed good company, the richest gourmet sushi @sietemares.sushi and the smooth, delicate and fresh Rosé Pinot Noir from @bodegaxumek!!! A luxury!!!

We inaugurateD "Albano in quarantine"!!!

The exhibition can be visited from Monday to Friday, from 10 am onwards by appointment: / 11 5837-3888


We celebrated the inauguration of Zone V with three events! 

Joined by friends, collectors, photography lovers, colleagues

and wonderful sponsors !!!



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