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Like the bamboo tree legend…

The sages say that when planting a bamboo seed it must be cared for with perseverance, love, and dedication for seven years. If this is done, in the seventh year the bamboo will show itself, sprouting green on the ground, and will grow thirty meters in only six weeks.
Only passion, love and trust can sustain that path, that of germinating and establishing foundations so deep that they can later sustain thirty meters.

Zone V Fine Art Point is a dream that today "sprouts green", but it’s gestion has taken years of pure dedication, love, work, and passion. A lot of passion!

Zona V combines years of experience with the youth of a new space, exclusively dedicated to fine art photography in Argentina.

The dream of sharing the beauty of light and shadow in a technically impeccable space that at the same time invites you to feel at home, with permanently rotating exhibitions and an extraordinary collection of original black and white photographs in the backroom is now a reality.

Located in Vicente López, in an area with easy access, Zone V proposes to be the “point” for fine art photography in “Zona Norte”, Buenos Aires!

Our Shop has a variety of products for photographers, students and photography lovers, and a Fine Art Digital Printing Center of the highest quality.

Thanks to all of you who cared for and cultivated with us for so many years this seed that is now sprouting!

If you are discovering with surprise Zone V Fine Art Point today, welcome! We invite you to be part of this passion!

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