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I am Vicky Saavedra, photographer and image and sound designer.

​My partner: a 35mm minolta camera, a normal 50mm lens and a couple of rolls, and sometimes Leia, my dog.

Having experienced digital photography and capturing, I chose the latter as the main technique for my author work. The rhythm of taking and solo work in the dark is a kind of mantra that I can't and don't want to let go of. Since then I have taken several analog courses such as zonal system, laboratory practice and portfolio where I perfect the copying technique and work on the assembly of my portfolio at the DOM school.

I participated in several collective exhibitions within the framework of the School and outside. In 2019 I was selected for the Francisco Ayerza Photography Stimulus Award. In addition, with colleagues from FADU we formed Doc.Panda productions, a photo and video studio.

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