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The photographers in first person.

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I am a passionate and persistent photographer who seeks beauty in every image I capture. I often say that my perspective is "borrowed" because my photos surpass what I am as a person; evidently, there is something or someone helping me. I find myself in the middle of nowhere, and something calls out to me, prompting me to take a shot. With my work, I aim for the synthesis, balance, and harmony of beauty. My passion for photography began at the age of 12 when I stumbled upon the school photography club's darkroom by accident. At 13, I borrowed my dad's camera from the closet, a Voiglander Vitoret without a light meter. At 18, I traveled to Formosa to take ID photos of indigenous people. I also took other types of photos in that community, and when I returned, I was amazed by the results. To this day, I evaluate my photos as if they weren't mine. What I felt at that moment defined my vocation. Perhaps out of obligation, I enrolled in university to study Social Communication. At the time, my teacher was Pedro Luis Raota, and I worked at his school. One day he told me, "Advertising is for advertisers, and photography is for photographers. You are a photographer." I dropped out of the program and dedicated myself to being an unwavering seeker of beauty. Black and white (and gray) is my choice. I feel it allows the viewer to complete the image and evoke unique emotions. The great masters who move me worked and still work in black and white: Ansel Adams, Imogen Cunningham, Richard Avedon, John Sexton, Raota, of course, Edward Weston, among many others. I work both analog and digitally, mixing technologies and enjoying both processes. But my first love will always be film and the darkroom. For me, technique and sensitivity are equally important, and I seek to blend both to create impactful photographs. Being in communion with nature is an essential need in my life. I enjoy time in the Patagonian forests, steppes, lakes, rivers, and mountains, as well as the waves, sand, wind, and sunsets in Uruguay. My perspective continues to be surprised, and every day I train it to see with greater intensity and simplicity. I am easily moved; I consider it a gift, a reflection of my deep connection to the beauty of the world and my gratitude for the life I have lived. I am thankful every day for the ability to breathe, for more years of life, for the incredible family I have formed, and for the opportunity to live my vocation. Each image I capture is an act of gratitude toward the world around me and an invitation for others to contemplate the beauty found in every corner.



I am Jandri, an Argentine photographer born in Buenos Aires in the late 1950s. My passion for photography sprouted in a household where art always held a special place and where creativity and artistic expression were highly valued. I am a collector and lover of Leica cameras. My photographic focus spans from candid moments to meticulous studio sessions. This diversity allows me to explore multiple dimensions of photography. In 2006, I became a student at the Diego Ortiz Mugica School. It was there that I forged my analog portfolio, centered on the timeless beauty of black and white. My photographic work captures the appreciation I hold for the beauty of everyday life and the camera's skill in freezing transcendent moments. Through my images, I share my perspective and passion, guiding viewers on a visual journey through my personal vision. For over a decade, I have had the privilege of showcasing my work in both collective and solo exhibitions. These encounters provide me with the opportunity to close the circle and connect with those who appreciate my photography. The closeness to the audience and their attentive reactions when immersing themselves in my creations enrich my bond with both my own creativity and those who value my work. Jandri Title: Enigma Medium: Impresión digital giclée en papel de algodón enmarcada con materiales libres de ácido bajo normas internacionales de museo. Date of print: 2023 Capture year: 2022 Dimensions: 52 x 65 cm Additional information Contact us view on the wall Other works of ZONA V fine art point

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I am a 77-year-old Argentine photographer. Throughout my life, I have had the privilege of building a beautiful family of which I am deeply proud. My wife is my companion and muse. Despite dedicating countless hours to my formal work as a businessman and a lawyer specialized in various areas, photography has always held a very important place in my heart. As the years have passed, I have been fortunate enough to dedicate more time to it and enjoy this passion more and more. My history with photography dates back to my childhood when, at the age of 8, I began experimenting with an old accordion-style camera given to me by an uncle. In my early steps, I used analog photography and carried out the printing process in a darkroom. However, nowadays, I have shifted towards digital photography and editing, which fascinates, challenges, and amuses me greatly. Over the past 6 years, I have had the joy of participating in collective and solo exhibitions as well as art fairs. Being in spaces where my works coexist with an audience that observes them fills me with joy and curiosity. Deciphering and understanding what observers feel when contemplating my photographs is a challenge that motivates me and enriches my connection with art. During my travels around the world, my camera has always had a place in my suitcase. My images reflect my curious and sensitive perspective that never ceases to be amazed by capturing the dance of lights and shadows in the places I have had the opportunity to visit. For me, photography is a way to share my view of the world and, at the same time, a part of me. Every image I capture is a testament to my love for the beauty that surrounds me and a gift I share with those who appreciate my work.

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I am an Argentine traveler with a restless spirit that finds expression in photography and music. Born and raised in the city of Buenos Aires, I have always walked between two worlds: the bustling city and the serenity of the countryside, both filled with love and meaning. Although art was not a constant presence in my home, the music and paintings of my grandmothers left a mark on me. From a young age, I learned to appreciate and discuss their paintings, an influence I still remember when I look at my own images. My constant companion is Poncho, a gentle long-haired dachshund who came into my life almost by chance and became my best friend. My journey into the world of photography began in the digital realm, but after two years, the attraction to analog photography took hold of me. I longed to see the images appear in the "water," as in the movies. I started studying at the Diego Ortiz Mugica school, where fortunately, I had teachers who imparted their love for the darkroom, urging me to follow this magical path that fills my soul. My work in tourism allows me to explore the world, enriching my photographic style, which focuses on street photography, as I tirelessly seek beauty in every corner of the planet. Most of the time, I work with analog photography, primarily with my beloved Rolleiflex, which has taught me to look and sometimes whispers when to press its shutter. Through my photography, I seek to infuse beauty, love, peace, and serenity into a world that often seems chaotic. Photography is my personal quest, a constant attempt to be a better version of myself every day. Photography transports me, forces me to pause, observe, reflect, and feel the world around me. Only after this process can I capture and preserve an ephemeral moment that, at some point, I will share with the eyes of others, while it lives eternally in my heart.

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I am Santiago Olivera, and in addition to being a photographer, I am a psychologist, a gastronomic entrepreneur, and an indefatigable backpacker. My journey with photography began when I was 18 years old. I gradually developed my perspective by alternating between work in hospitals and my gastronomic ventures with various photographic journeys. My motto has always been and remains the same: to distance myself from highly touristy spots and seek a connection with the place and its people. So, my camera and I have explored many places, from Latin America to the Sahara, Chernobyl, and Antarctica. My next destination will be Afghanistan; a new adventure to capture unique stories will begin in a month. I like to think of my photography as a window through which others can appreciate the world as I see it: full of fascinating places, incredible people, diverse cultures, and unforgettable experiences. Although my path in exhibiting my work hasn't been very long, each experience has been formative and enriching. I want my work to be embraced by a process that honors each photograph that hangs on a wall. With that conviction, I choose to produce limited editions with high-quality conservation materials. Just as when I'm behind the camera, I seek to connect with the space, the experience, and the people every time I exhibit and share my work. Every step I take on this journey is done with passion, dedication, and a lot of enthusiasm.

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